What Exactly Are Soy Candles?
By Katya Cohen

Soy candles are actually quite new additions to the family of commercial candles being sold in the market nowadays. The main difference is that, instead of the regular paraffin wax, they are made from a special kind of wax known as soy wax. Soy candles are generally much friendlier to the environment, but are in many ways, quite similar to regular candles.

Soy wax is actually soybean oil that has been hydrogenated. It was invented back in the year 1992 by a man named Michael Richards. At that time, there was an increasing demand for candles that are natural. The inventor was searching for a less expensive alternative to the popular beeswax, and eventually discovered soy wax. At present, soy wax is available in both pellet and flake form. The color of soy wax is off-white, and it is an opaque material.

As with regular paraffin candles, these candles can be molded in different shapes and sizes, with a variety of designs. They can have different colors, and can even be scented. However, they also differ from regular candles in several ways.

First of all, soy wax has a low melting point. This is a good property for candle makers, as this property makes soy wax an easier medium to work with and to mold. Owners of soy candles, however, must always keep this property in mind, and make sure that their candles are placed in a dry, cool place. When placed in direct sunlight, they can end up melting and the wax can become unstable. Also, because of this property, they tend to burn more slowly than regular candles, allowing the candle to last longer.

One of the best things about soy is that it is non-toxic to the environment. Soy is actually a plant-based substance. Soy wax is a renewable resource and is a biodegradable material. They are safe to use around children, and are better for people who have allergies or asthma.

Soy candles are available in most gift stores and supermarkets. They are also available in most specialty stores and in online candle shops. Most, when bought, usually have an information sheet along with it, explaining the advantages of buying soy as compared to the regular ones. In general, soy candles are slightly more expensive than the regular paraffin candles.

If you want an eco-friendly candle that burns much longer than regular candles, do buy soy candles!